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Shocking Revelations

Find your car’s suspension sweet spot and gain an extra competitive edge with AFCO Racing shocks and struts. These AFCO Racing shocks and struts are available at Summit Racing.

Big Gun T2 Rear Drag Shocks

summit racing afco shocks
The Big Gun twin-tube shocks are valved for cars with big cubic inch, big power (1,000-1,500 horsepower) engines, and are ideal for cars with power adders and naturally-aspirated cars with OEM-style suspension and small tires. You can mount the shocks upside down to reduce unsprung weight and have better access to the rebound adjuster.

Big Gun X Coilover Rear Shocks for Radial Tires

These twin-tube shocks are valved specifically for high-horsepower cars running in drag radial classes like Xtreme Street, Ultra Street, and X275. The valving setup and a high-flow piston help control the rear suspension for consistent tire bite on the track surface.

Big Gun Gas Canister Coilover Rear Shocks for Slicks

summit racing afco shocks
These are for you racers running slicks and 1,500-plus horsepower in Pro Street, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 10.5, and similar classes. The Big Gun Gas Canister Coilover Shocks have an extra-large piston for more stability at launch so your tires can hook up when the power hits. The twin-tube shocks are gas-charged to eliminate cavitation and allow them to recover faster.

Eliminator BNC Front Shocks

Eliminator BNC Valving Shock get stiff when the front wheels touch the track, and get progressively stiffer to help your car land softly without damaging the oil pan and headers or scrubbing valuable milliseconds off your ET. Ideal for Stock, Super Stock, and similar classes, the twin-tube shocks can also be used as coilovers with the optional AFCO hardware kit and the appropriate springs. They’re available for popular GM muscle cars and Camaro/Firebird through 2002.

Front Drag Struts for Mustang and Camaro/Firebird

summit racing afco shocks
Summit Racing offers two types of AFCO Front Drag Struts. The double-adjustable struts let you dial in compression and rebound valving to control front end lift. That improves weight transfer for better launches and reduced ETs. A coil-over conversion kit is included. They’re available for 1982-2015 Camaro/Firebird and 1979-2014 Mustang.

The Street Fighter non-adjustable strut for 1979-2004 Mustang features AFCO-engineered valving for maximum weight transfer and bounce control. It can be used as an OEM replacement strut if you retain the factory springs or as a coilover with the optional AFCO coilover kit, caster/camber plates, and spring.


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