How to Install N-Fab Nerf Bars on Your Truck

It’s Nerf or Nothin’

N-Fab Nerf bars make getting into or out of a stock or lifted pickup truck easier on you and your passengers. What’s more, installing them is a pretty easy job you can knock out in your home garage without any special tools. And we love anything that’s easy to do and makes our lives easier in the process.

The N-FAB Nerf Bars have a patented N-FAB hoop step design featuring a 2″ and/or 3″ Main tube diameter. The 2” tube applications include an .095 wall steel tubing, while 3” tube applications include an .084 wall steel tubing. The patented drop-down step design and location is engineered to allow for ease of access to stock or lifted vehicles.This application fits high & tight to the vehicle body for a clean, modern style and protection from road debris. The N-FAB Cab Length Nerf Bars feature a fully welded 1-piece construction for strength, long lasting durability, and ease of installation.

n-fab truck hero nerf bars on pickup

The product comes with easy to understand vehicle specific installation instructions. Includes two steps and all hardware necessary for installation.


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