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Tool’s Errand

EZ Red makes stuff to help you get the job done—products like ratcheting wrenches, LED work lights, and magnetic parts trays. That means you can spend more time working and less time time trying to make do with a tool that wasn’t designed for the task. Summit Racing carries a lot of EZ Red specialty tools including these:

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ANYWEAR Neck Lights

With multiple brightness levels and the ability to articulate the beams up to 90 degrees, EZ Red ANYWEAR Neck Lights are perfect for working in close quarters. You can aim the beams in different directions to illuminate larger areas or point them down to focus solely on small work area. And unlike other headlamps, ANYWEAR Neck Lights will not accidentally blind bystanders, which they’ll undoubtedly appreciate. Other features include:

• Can be worn with a cap or hardhat
• On/off switch for each light
• AA battery version can run up to 5 hours per light—brightness levels adjustable between 50, 100, 150, and 200 lumens
• LiPo battery version can run up to 9 hours per light—lights are USB-rechargeable and dimmable from 300 to 30 lumens

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Extra-Long Flex Head Ratcheting Wrenches

Stop scraping your knuckles trying to use a wrench where your hands don’t fit. EZ Red’s Extra-Long Flex Head Ratcheting Wrenches feature a slim design that can reach just about anywhere, and their extended length allows you to apply the extra torque required to remove frozen or stubborn bolts and nuts. Additional features include:

• Made from durable machined steel with a chrome plated finish
• Extra-long spline with 180-degree flex heads
• Exceeds ASME/ANSI torque specifications
• Included sizes: 8mm x 10mm; 12mm x 14mm; 13mm x 15mm; 16mm x 18mm; and 17mm x 19mm
• Available with reversible or non-reversible heads

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EZTRAYS Expandable Magnetic Parts Trays

EZ Red EZTRAYS Expandable Magnetic Parts Trays are a generous 2-inch-deep x 4.25-inch-wide size to hold a good amount of stuff. When you’re done with them, the trays fold up for easy storage. Made from durable ABS plastic, EZTRAYS have an inside base plate with five neodymium magnets that securely hold steel tools and parts and allow the trays to stick to most metal surfaces.

3-Point Wire Crimper

Tight work areas are no problem for the EZ Red 3-Point Wire Crimper. It is small enough to be used as a hand tool, yet durable enough to be used in a vice with a 3/8-inch impact gun. Simply ratchet the movable crimping head down onto the base and make 3-point crimps on wires up to 4/0 AWG. Other features include:

• Hardened, fine thread drive screw for precise crimps
• Drive screw can also be turned with a 19mm or 3/4-inch open-end wrench
• 3/8″ drive holding fixtures on top and bottom
• Adjustable wrench-holding slot on back of tool


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