PRW Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors for GM Cars and Trucks

Working the Quads

The new Rochester Quadrajet carburetors from PRW are manufactured with all new components. They are a significant upgrade to stock carburetors for most GM Automotive applications. Every carburetor is equipped with PRW’s industry first lean/rich adjustment allowing 15% +/- main circuit adjustment to allow for precise tuning with ease.

PRW quadrajet rochester carburetors

PRW carburetors are compatible with ā€œCā€ and ā€œUā€ style throttle linkages suitable for stock intake manifolds. They’re available in 650 CFM for GM cars and trucks with engine sizes ranging from 283-350 cubic inches and 695 CFM for GM vehicles with engine sizes ranging from 350-455 cubic inches. Both carburetors works well with a mild cam or headers for optimum street performance. Find out more about PRW’s products here.